My approach to training is very instinctive. After 25 years of training using probably every approach known to man, woman and child, the one thing I can say is variety is the key. You have to experiment to find out what works for you, as no two of us are 100% alike. Genetics, body shape, gender, metabolic rate and ethnic background are just some of the variables that you have to take into consideration. However, the basics of correct nutrition, rest and recovery, and training remain the same for ALL of us. It’s a simple formula but if one of those ingredients is missing or imbalanced you will never achieve your full potential.

In general I train 4 days per week this may go to 5 days when I am getting ready for a show. Although there are some set exercises that I will do without fail every week they will be variations of a theme. They are however, rarely in a set order or combination. I will know what body part I am going to attack but often I have no idea what exercises I am going to do until I start training. It all depends on how I feel on the day. Things that can affect this are, time of day, temperature, how busy the gym is etc. It also helps to keep any training partner on their toes that’s for sure LOL!

This is a sample of a weeks training split.

Mon – Back & Tris

Tues – Calves, Quads & Hams

Wed – Rest

Thurs – Chest & Bi’s

Fri – Shoulders & Calves

Sat, Sun – Rest

The number of sets and reps is very variable and dependent on the type of workout I am doing. If for example I intend to lift big heavy weights then I tend to do more sets but less reps and vice versa. I also enjoy super setting and giant setting when appropriate.

I do a bit of cardio 5 times a week but during comp prep this goes to around 90mins per day.

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