I have 7 – 8 meals a day eaten every 2 ½ hours. I have a wide variety of foods based around what I would normally eat but I would cut out ALL the fats, sugars and salts.

I never eat processed foods, everything is freshly cooked and as organic as possible plus my partner is an excellent cook who keeps coming up with wonderful ideas to keep my diet varied.

A typical day would be as follows:

6.30am – 50g porridge with water and 2 scoops of Extreme Whey Protein + 4 – 6 eggs whites.

9am – 130g chicken breast, 40g rice or couscous

11.30 – Meal replacement drink + banana

2pm – 130g chicken breast, 40g couscous or rice

4.30pm – pre workout drink

6pm – post workout drink Extreme Build and Recover

8pm – Half diced sweet potato with spinach and 6 egg whites scrambled in

10pm – Extreme Whey Protein drink

This is my ideal day and I strive to eat like this as much as possible.
However we live in the real world so it can vary day to day but never strays too far from this ideal.

I am not a big eater so I do have to supplement my diet using a variety of supplements during the course of the day. Such as:

SK Sports Tribulus Terestrus
SK Sports Collostrum
SK Sports L-Glutamin
Extreme Nutrition Kr-Evolution (Kre-Alkalyn)

In addition to:

Multi vitamin and mineral complex
Flax seed oil
Vitamin E & Vitamin C
Digestive Enzymes

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