Welcome to the official website of Paul George. Contained within these pages are detailed insights into Paul’s training philosophy, motivation, inspirations and diet and nutrition tips. Hopefully some or all of these will be of value to you in some way. Paul has dedicated over half his life to the sport of Bodybuilding and continues to train as hard as ever and will more than likely be lifting weights for the rest of his life! It’s just in his blood!

"I have been weight training/bodybuilding for over 25 years and in that time I have seen a lot and done a lot. The sport itself has gone through some massive changes, as have the physiques that are now on show but I would like to stress that you can take out of bodybuilding whatever you like."

You can aim to be the best in the world or you can be the best you can be.

Either way it is a lifelong commitment to yourself and on this journey you will find out many things about yourself, some you will be proud of and others maybe not so much.

Paul George

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